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HUGO and Company is a full-service, senior-focused design and transition management company that specializes in moving people living with dementia. We use our design skills and understanding of the aging population to recreate home for seniors, making the entire move process easy and seamless. We opt for stories over sameness and personal always trumps perfect. We honour the treasures.

In addition to supporting clients moving from independent to supportive living, HUGO and Company has experience designing dementia care homes and spaces for seniors and carries this knowledge through to clients who may be transitioning into Dementia or Alzheimer care homes.

We take into account the physical, emotional and social needs of our clients, incorporating personal mementos, photographs, and familiar items to provide a strong sense of comfort, security, and peace. Designing with meaning matters to us. We have developed a quiet and gentle transition process. Effectively supporting families across Southwestern and Eastern Ontario. Let us help you and your loved ones in recreating home. 

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HUGO and company

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