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Same-day move management HUGO & CO

Same-day transition management

An extension of their design services, HUGO provides downsizing and move management, working closely with the home owners, Power of Attorneys (POA’s) or families of the elderly. We understand that every move is unique, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that their move is tailored to their specific requirements. We will help to select and edit belongings, create a floor plan, provide movers and packers and then completely set up the new home (including organizing the closets, making the bed, hanging pictures and removing all packing materials etc) all done in a day! We can also source any needed additional items needed to complete the space as well as oversee the selling and dispersal of the estate contents in a responsible and sustainable way.


At HUGO we are aware of how stressful a transition can be, not just for persons living with dementia, but for their whole family. Our Transition Specialists will work closely with the care home and family members to put a transition plan in place that focuses on well-being, considers their daily routine and preferences, and is able to be executed in a day. We will carefully curate the items that matter most, pack the treasures, transport them to the new space, and duplicate the look and feel of the previous space, which gently eases them into their new home. 

HUGO & CO - Dementia focused

A one-stop resource...

Have HUGO look after the entire move and estate clearing process or choose services à la carte – HUGO is here to help in whatever capacity is needed.

  • Aging adult, dementia, and Alzheimer-focused moves

  • Home replication

  • Same-day set up

  • Complete edit of furniture belongings

  • Floor plan and integration of belongings into new space

  • Sourcing & purchasing

  • Packing and unpacking services (all packing materials supplied and recycled after use)

move management makes life easy
  • Coordination and management of the entire move and estate-clearing process

  • Removal and donation of extra items

  • Shredding of documents

  • Hanging of photos and arrangement of decor

  • Home cleaning

  • Minor repairs, paint, and aesthetics to prepare for sale

  • Staging and styling

hugo and company move management
HUGO Move management

See for yourself...

We documented one of our downsizing and transition management projects. This same-day move for our lovely client Shirley, couldn't have gone smoother. Watch the video below to see firsthand, what working with HUGO is like.

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