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HUGO and Company is a lifestyle brand built on the philosophy of simple, curated living. Design that is mindful of the things we own and the purpose they serve. Personal trumps perfect. Stories over sameness.

HUGO and Company has experience designing dementia care homes and spaces for seniors and carries this knowledge through to clients who may be transitioning into dementia or Alzheimer care homes. Click here for more information.

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The name HUGO and Company is a nod to founder Monica de Wit’s heritage – HUGO is a family name and can be found dotted throughout the family tree. It speaks of a Dutch immigrant family with a strong work ethic and simple lifestyle. It is these values that the HUGO and Company brand is built upon.

HUGO’s design manifesto speaks of well-being and the experience a space can provide. Function…values…..stories….the feeling a space creates…and the ability it has to restore our mind and body. 

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Monica de Wit has spent most of her professional life in the design world. She has a BAA in Fashion Design and a Diploma in Interior Design. Monica started her career over 20 years ago in the fashion industry and held roles such as Designer, Merchandiser, Stylist, Product Manager, Creative Director and Instructor. It was a very natural shift for her to apply her knowledge of textiles, colour theory and design to interiors, and in 2015 founded HUGO and Company.

HUGO and Company offers design with soul…being purposeful with the things we bring into our lives, creating peace and providing clarity in a world full of clutter.

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From Consultation to Project Management, HUGO can refresh, redesign or repurpose commercial and residential spaces with function and intent. A room or entire office or home, HUGO can provide guidance on furniture selection and placement, window treatments, colour selection, lighting, building selections, the integration of current belongings and the sourcing of additional pieces to complete the space.


An extension of their design services, HUGO provides downsizing management, working closely with the home owners to edit belongings and work them into a floor plan of the new space. HUGO can provide movers and packers and oversee the selling and dispersal of the unwanted contents in a responsible and sustainable way. Click here for more information.


Hinging on the design manifesto of creating well being and experiences in a space, HUGO specializes in designing specifically for dementia care. Purposeful selections of colours, knowing when to create contrast, visual cueing and safety are all done with intention and support to people living with dementia.


Residential or commercial, HUGO can fine-tune the aesthetics of a space to get it ready for sale, decorate for the holidays, refresh and re-energize, or simply rework existing pieces in a new way.

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In addition to a great attention to detail, HUGO delivers compassion and patience when working with Power of Attorneys and the families of the elderly. HUGO has experience with dementia and Alzheimer’s clients and requires all staff to have a Police Information Check (PIC).


Have HUGO look after the entire move and estate clearing process or choose services à la carte – HUGO is here to help in whatever capacity is needed.

  • Senior, Dementia and Alzheimer focused

  • Home replication

  • Same day set up

  • Complete edit of furniture and belongings

  • Floor plan and integration of 

  • belongings into new space

  • Sourcing and purchasing

  • Packing and unpacking services (all packing materials supplied and recycled after use)

  • Coordination and management of the entire move and estate clearing process

  • Coordination of utilities

  • Removal and donation of extra items

  • Shredding of documents

  • Hanging of photos and arrangement of décor

  • Home cleaning 

  • Minor repairs / paint / aesthetics to prepare for sale

  • Staging and styling

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“I absolutely LOVE my home! 

I had company last night and we even used the puffs. The decorating and homey feel was the big topic. I am still numb by how wonderful everything looks. Thank you, you have done an amazing job!”

~Sheila, London, ON

"Thank-you so much! The move went better than I could have imagined. He was very impressed with the room and we were able to leave him in relatively good spirits. You made the room look so nice and welcoming. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!"

~Ruth, London, ON 

"The room looks wonderful! I think Wally will be very comfortable in his new room. You have made this move so much easier for me.  I can’t thank you enough!" ~ Jeane, London ON

“Got in late last night. THRILLED at what you have done with my home. What a nice surprise. Love the squirrel and the welcome note – made me laugh out loud. Thank-you!!

~Lorraine, London, ON

“Thank-you again for everything!! It’s all just so beautiful, you are very talented!”

~Laura, London, ON

“Thank-you so much for all your efforts. You have a great team. I visited Judy this week and she looked so cozy in her room. Her room looks wonderful. Your work has certainly blessed this family.”

~Ross, St. Mary’s ON

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t: 844.511.HUGO (4846)


s: @hugoandcompany

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Rating: A+

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